Continued Education

Let’s admit it, learning is fun! This is one reason sailing is so exciting, every time you get out on the water a new situation shows its face and you, as a sailor, are prepared to deal with it. Whether you are cruising or racing, anything from zero visibility fog to instrument failure can take you from plan A to plan B, C, or D. Here at the Club, we believe that one way to stay sharp is to regularly sail and actively enhance your sailing education.

ASA 118 Docking Endorsement

Docking is one of the most stressful aspects of sailing because you are coming within inches of a solid and unforgiving obstruction, very capable of damaging your vessel. We believe docking should be as relaxing as sailing itself, thus we offer the Docking Endorsement, to help make docking your vessel as second nature as parking your car. Apart from the valuable, hands-on practice time you will receive in this 12 hour course, 2 day course,  you will also learn about different docking approaches and what they mean for your boat.

Cost: Member $295; Non-Member $395- Buy Now

ASA 120 Radar Endorsement

This Radar Endorsement course teaches safe, efficient use of small-craft radar for piloting, chart navigation, and collision avoidance. The curriculum covers principles and practical matters of radar operation, as well as using a realistic PC based simulator to illustrate radar measurements.

Cost: Member $295; Non-Member $395

Private Refresher Courses

Made your way through the basic and advanced ASA courses but looking for more time practicing skills? We can organize time with one of our instructors and design a curriculum to fit your goals. Want to practice jibes, reefing, or spend some time docking? We can make it happen, just give us a ring we’ll get you on the water!

Cost: $75/ hour (includes instructor and boat charter)