Jennie Cutting


Jennie is from Pasadena, CA, ┬ámoved to Washington for college and never went back to California. Growing up, her summer vacations were spent in Michigan, Maine, and Catalina Island, where she began her sailing adventures. July months were spent playing tennis and golf, swimming, and sailing on Lake Michigan in Prams, Sunfish, and Lido 14s. In August her family would go crab fishing off of her grandparent’s Pearson 32, cruise along on pinky schooners, and pick blueberries in Sedgwick, Maine. Her summers would end on Catalina Island where she camped, hiked, rock climbed, and raced Optis out of Howlands Landing. An avid soccer player throughout her life, Jennie loves team sports and is excited to be organizing the women’s programs and racing on the women’s boat in Ballard Cup. Even though most will see her in the office, she’s willing to take-up any opportunity to get outside and go sailing!