Instructor Qualification Courses

Become a Certified American Sailing Association Sailing Instructor!

Love sailing and want to share it with others? Becoming a sailing instructor is a great way to share that passion! As an American Sailing Association affiliate with an in-house Instructor Evaluator, Seattle Sailing Club offers multiple levels of ASA Instructor Qualification Courses annually.

Are you US Sailing Certified or certified to instruct by a different sailing organization and would like to obtain ASA instructor certs? If so, we also offer ASA Conversion courses which are a quick and easy process to convert your current certifications into ASA Instructor Certifications. We do these on a demand basis, which is why you might not see any available on the calendar. Complete the Instructor Certification Interest Form and we’ll be happy to set this up for you!

Our IQCs are open to all folks interested in becoming sailing instructors whether they would like to work for the Club or not. We welcome you to join our team of instructors, but it is certainly not a requirement to join an IQC. Read on to find out what is takes to get started or simply complete our Instructor Certification Interest Form and we’ll be in touch!

American Sailing Association Standards

To better understand ASA’s culture and their expectations of ASA certified instructors, review the information below.

  1. Become an ASA Sailing Instructor + Video
  2. ASA Standards of Certification
  3. ASA’s Instructor Code of Ethics
  4. ASA’s Instructor Clinic Information

Offerings & Prices

  • 200 IQC Conversion Course (1-day private, on-the-water + testing – $395 for class + $99 for each certification). An online knowledge session conducted by ASA must be completed prior to the course ($79).
  • ASA 201 Keelboat 1 (2.5 days – $495 for class + $79 ASA Instructor Membership + $99 for Instructor Certification)
  • ASA 202 Keelboat 2 (1.5 days – $195 for class + $99 for Instructor Certification)
  • ASA 203 Basic Coastal Cruising (1-day – $195 for class + $99 for Instructor Certification)
  • ASA 204 Bareboat Charter (1-day – $195 for class + $99 for Instructor Certification)
  • ASA 205 Coastal Navigation (1-day – $195 for class + $99 for Instructor Certification)
  • ASA 206 Advanced Coastal Cruising (3-day overnight – $295 for class + $99 for Instructor Certification)
  • ASA 218 Docking Endorsement (1-day – $195 for class + $99 for Instructor Certification)
  • ASA 111 Asymmetrical Spinnaker Lesson (4-8 hrs – $195 for class + $99 for Instructor Certification)

How-to Sign-up for an IQC

    1. Review the ASA standards above.
    2. Review the calendar of upcoming IQCs below.
    3. Update your sailing resume.
    4. Complete the Instructor Certification Interest Form. If you find a date that works for you, include the dates in the comments field at the bottom of the form.
    5. Once we receive your interest form, we will be in touch within 2-3 business days.
    6. After you’ve completed the form, we will send you form 107A/B and 108 to apply to the upcoming IQC. Our Instructor Evaluator (IE) will review your application and let you know what the next steps are.
    7. Please note: acceptance into the course depends on approval of the application and remittance of payment. IQC’s are non-refundable and non-transferable. We encourage applicants to return their forms promptly so we can guarantee a space. 

Upcoming Instructor Qualification Courses

Sailing Instructor – Work for Seattle Sailing Club

Available Now:  F/T or P/T Instructors

Seattle Sailing Club teaches American Sailing Association sailing lessons from beginner to advanced. Along with our ASA lessons, instructors also have the opportunity to instruct in team-building events, private sailing instruction, race coaching, clinics, check-out sails, seminars, and member programs.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • US Coast Guard License
    • Any tonnage
    • This is required to teach sailing on the Puget Sound – primarily teaching on boats with auxiliary power.
  • American Sailing Association Certified Instructor 201 or higher
  • Current Red Cross & CPR Certification
  • Must have a passion for sailing, the environment, and working with people.
  • Must have a positive attitude and understanding of a flexible schedule.
  • The ability to be patient and understanding of varying learning styles.
  • Proficient in all aspects of handling keelboat sloops from 22′ to 45′ (rigging, sailing or under auxiliary power)


  • Provide new and experienced sailors with a safe and supportive environment to learn sailing.
  • Teach safety, boat handling, and sailing theory to adults in keelboats who are beginning or intermediate sailors.
  • Develop and follow  Seattle Sailing Club lesson plans that include classroom and on-the-water drills.
  • Have understanding and patience for the students and be able to adapt to their individual needs.
  • Maintain a clean and inviting classroom.
  • Train students to properly put away Club boats at the end of each sail.
  • Provide students with information about Club programs and events
  • Administer and grade ASA certification exams.

Desired Skills

  • Coast Guard Sailing Endorsement
  • Experience teaching/coaching sailing.
  • Racing, teaching spinnaker courses, and/or coaching race teams
  • Team building / Corporate experience
  • Local knowledge of the Puget Sound area.
  • Charismatic leadership

Schedule & Availability

As an instructor, you have tons of flexibility! We teach year-round and can offer work year-round to most of our instructors. We welcome instructors who want to teach as little as 4 times a year. Scheduling instructors depends on our lesson schedule, the time of year, and current events. Full-time instructors will be guaranteed 40 hours/week from April through October and will participate in team-building events, private sailing instruction, boat cleaning and maintenance, racing, seminars, and member programs.

Check-out our lessons to learn more about what each course requires.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Compensation: DOE
  • Pro deals on Gill, Dubarry, Mustang, and other brands
  • Access to sail the Club fleet

To apply, please send us an email introducing yourself along with a resume.

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