Club Membership

Membership at Seattle Sailing Club is the fun and reasonable alternative to boat ownership. For less than the cost of moorage here at beautiful Shilshole Bay Marina, you can have access to all 23 sailboats in our fleet. Of course, membership also frees you from the other expense and hassle of boat ownership (maintenance, insurance, boat loans) with all the perks of being able to sail great boats whenever you wish. Club membership also has the advantage of variety. Our fleet varies in size, design, and intended purpose. You could go zip around on a performance-oriented J/70 or J/80 one day, and take off for a week-long adventure on a comfortable cruising boat the next. There are two categories of membership here at Seattle Sailing Club, Unlimited Day Sailing and the pay-as-you-go Olympic Club.  Make the most of your SSC membership, and check out the options for multi-day cruising, and Club activities, too!


Unlimited Day Sailing Memberships give you access to sail as much as you like for a set monthly fee. If you want to get on the water frequently, its the easiest choice in sailing. There are two categories of unlimited day sailing membership, which give you access to different boats in our fleet. Our pay-as-you-go Olympic Club is the perfect option for the occasional sailor. With monthly dues of only $49, you still get all the access to every boat in the fleet. The day sailing and overnight rates for Olympic Club Members are just a fraction of the cost of rental or charter fees.
All Seattle Sailing Club, members have access to reserve boats for Overnight Charters. Seattle is close to some extraordinary destinations. Most notably, the internationally-renowned cruising grounds of the San Juan Islands are only a day’s sail to the North. But there’s no shortage of fun to be had in a long weekend a little closer to home. Anchorages and marinas with guest moorage within 10 nautical miles of our docks number in the dozens! The Member Programs we offer here at SSC give members a chance to try new things, and enjoy the shared experience of sailing. Our racing programs are available to all skill levels and range from very casual to quite competitive. The Flotilla program allows members to go out sailing with other sailors and to try new destinations and activities. We feel strongly that such programs enrich the membership experience and provide yet another outlet to enjoy the FUN of sailing.